In September 2016, we sold our 2,400 square feet office with about 12 office booth, shelves, files, office kitchen and conference room. We have to move everything out of the office and turn it over to the new owner at the end of the month. Failing that we have to pay a late penalty charge.

We interviewed several recycling removal companies in the city to quote the job. It is to disposed off every item in the office since we are going to close the company. When we interviewed Professional Recycling Ca, we were totally comfortable with Alex and his company. He was straightforward, honest and punctual, their quote is competitive and most of all he gets the work done and done well.

On the committed date the Professional Recycling Ca team shows up on time. They are courteous and efficient, they dismantled the office and bit by bit everything was moved out to their truck. Within the estimated time frame they have the office complete clear and most importantly, they have the place clean as they have committed. They make life simple for us in this office move.

I feel very comfortable to recommend Professional Recycling Ca and Alex to my friends and anyone who is looking for a reliable service in moving their unwanted articles.


The above is a real event and I have never receive any reward or benefit from Professional Recycling or Alex